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Ayasofya Yapi A.S. has been carrying out its mission in the real estate sector successfully for 17 years with customer satisfaction, trust, quality, innovation, and respect towards humanity and nature, and has become a leading company in the construction industry with the actualization of its projects throughout the country. We have started our domestic and foreign activities in year 2000 with our company called Kiriklar Insaat A.S. and we have made it our principle to prioritize trustworthiness and transparency in our company. Ayasofya Yapi A.S., with its strong capital structure, modern architecture understanding, staff of experts, technical and architectural experiences, has set out....

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Considering the developing and changing standards, it has been my goal to accomplish innovative and permanent projects while prioritizing the trustworthiness and transparency in order to both develop the modern skyline of Istanbul and to realize the dreams of our customers, since the first day we have entered the construction industry with the Kiriklar Insaat Anonim Sirketi (Incorporated Company) I have created in 2000. Since our foundation, with each project we have accomplished, we are continuing to work in the ever developing and renewing construction industry with our strong capital structure, modern architectural understanding, staff of experts, technical and architectural.... >>>


Urban transformation, which is the first agenda item of the apartment and site management meetings, which is closely related to almost everybody in Turkey in recent years, is the transformation of the areas under disaster risk, which is also known as the Urban Transformation Law, which was issued.... Read more ...
* BY RISK BUILDING OR RISK AREA SELECTION * Disaster risk for areas with the land and buildings where the risk structures outside these areas, science and art norms and standards, improvements to constitute a healthy and safe living environments, in order to determine the liquidation and.... Read more ...